April 2023 Newsletter

April 2023 Newsletter

What we have been up to... Rebrand - We have started rebranding Fox & Squirrel Creations, you may have noticed the different logo at the top of this newsletter. This new logo represents our Brand Identity. Vibrant, colourful yarn that brightens up your world. We are all about colour, cute, joy, happiness, smiles, community, authenticity, quirky, bold, fun, young, modern and unique. We hope our new logo and visual branding and content falls in line with these brand values. It certainly makes us smile when we look at the happy yarn bowl, bursting with yarn and endless possibilities. We will slowly be implementing the new branding across our selling platforms, social media channels and our visual branding such as business cards and yarn bands.

Picture: Our new logo for Fox & Squirrel Creations

What’s new in April... Happy Pots - We have recently launched our Happy Pots and bowls. Each pot has a solid glaze on the inside (in bright colours) with a black smiley face on top. The decoration on the outside varies from pot to pot. They are great for storing accessories and notions, such as buttons, stitch markers and darning needles. We also have a few taller pots that are great for storing crochet hooks in. Currently, these pots are only available to buy from us at a physical market/event due to postage limitations, as I would hate for any of them to break during posting. We shall be adding to this range over the year. We shall be doing some yarn bowls, hanging smiley face decorations and more pots and bowls in different shapes and sizes, something for everyone!!! We are back at Totnes Food & Craft Market this Sunday (16th April) and the Happy Pots will be available to buy from our stall.

Picture: Our new range of Happy Pots Markets and Events - We are starting to book in events for September onwards and looking forward to getting out to some yarn shows and craft fairs and markets in the local area.

Where to Find us in April/May… Totnes Food & Craft Market - We shall be attending the Food & Craft Market in April. This market runs on the third Sunday of every month. The market is held in market square, underneath the Civic Hall and is about half way up the main Totnes high street. What: Totnes Food & Craft Market When: Sunday 16th April 2023 Where: Market Square, Totnes Time: 10:00 - 15:00 Entry: Free Best wishes, Hannah & Andrea Fox & Squirrel Creations

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